I put together a new CafePress shop for Shotglass Memories with a few other added designs from the past that tie into, and show up in, the book. There’s still more to come but if you see a design you like but it’s not on a product you like, or know of one that exists and isn’t there, please contact me either by comments or by the Contact page. I won’t make much money off of these, in most cases a dollar if that, and any money I raise will just go into promoting/fine tuning, etc. the book.

So if you want government conspiracy inspired coffee mugs or Cold War inspired t-shirts, head on over to the Shotglass Memories store.

It was suggested that I take some of my old posts filled with YouTube content and create some playlists. So I did that along with a Google Map that I created taking all of the locales from the Shotglass Memories previews. Take a look. Give the sample a read. See if you can figure out some of the story.

Is the script locked when you come to shoot?
No. A lot of times with read-throughs the directors come and say, “I don’t like this. I don’t get this.” My attitude is [locking the script is] like saying to an actor, “You can make this work!” You’re just teeing yourself up for heartbreak. You have to go, “Tell me why. What is it you see? What do you connect to?”

David Fincher talks “House of Cards” and locking in scripts when they shoot.

Filmmaking is about working together to create something, nothing is ever truly locked in, the writer creates the template and design and allows everyone else to colour in the material as well.


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